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Noxious Weeds


Invasive and non-native plants can decrease the productivity of private and public lands alike. Their ability to spread, reproduce, and grow rapidly allows them to out-compete native and cultivated plants, reducing forage quality for livestock and wildlife, lowering agricultural production, reducing biodiversity, and hindering timber growth. Removing invasive species can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

The Smith River Watershed Council designs and implements projects in order to remove invasive species, mitigate their spread and establishment from the watershed, and provides information to landowners about invasive species control. 



For information about treating invasive weeds found in the Smith River Watershed, contact us about receiving a copy of our weed control handbook:


'Smith River Weed Control Handbook' (2019)

Due to limited quantities, please limit requests to residents of the Smith River Watershed and Reedsport area.

Upon request, you can also check out a copy of the:




'Pacific Northwest Weed Control Handbook' (2019)

Copies available for check out on a first come, first serve basis.

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